Someone once pointed out to us that we are the first fans of our products

...and we can't deny it!

We are passionate collectors of resin statues. We started this hobby with PVC action figures, which were cheap and easy to find. Over time, however, we always wanted something more beautiful and detailed. So we discovered the resin statues, and we haven't left them since!

Our passion led us to buy the statues for ourselves, but then we decided to share it with other collectors. So we started our business, offering quality service with professionalism. Today we are proud of our work and also of our collection!

We are proud to be Italian and for this reason we select only the best

  • Selective

    To ensure the best quality, we carefully choose each and every item

  • Competent

    From us you can buy with maximum safety and reliability, without compromise

  • Available

    Our customer service is always by your side to give you the best experience

We know your needs well

Our passion for collecting has made us experience unforgettable moments and other more difficult ones. From unforgettable moments we have discovered how great this hobby is and its ability to create bonds between people from all over the world. From the most difficult moments we have drawn valuable lessons and good practices to offer an excellent service and ensure that all our collectors are always satisfied with their purchases on our site.

We have met many fantastic people who share our same passion and trust us every day. Collecting is a pleasure, but it's even more beautiful if you have a place to share your passion. In our community on Facebook you will find more than 4,000 collectors like you, ready to exchange opinions and advice.

For us, our customers come first. We follow them with care and attention since their first purchase from us. We know how valuable the trust you place in us is and it is our responsibility to assist you in the best possible way. We wish you happy collecting and look forward to your first order!Click here to find out how to order.

Opinions about our service

You can find all the testimonials from our friends and customers in our community on Facebook and on our Instagram profile!

"Always present, from order to delivery!"

Marcello C.

"I see passion over business, not like elsewhere. The prices are perfect for any collector and the shipping included is great!"

Mike D.

"Serious and very kind, fast shipping and package arrived in perfect condition. I had a great time!"

Maicol L. C.

"Punctual delivery, perfect package!!"

Claudio C.

"Simply perfect! Maximum availability for flexible payments and shipping. A certainty! Two more statues are on the way. TOP!!!"

Mario D.

"Perfect resin like the service."

Cristian T.

"For the piece there are no words, for them many thanks and praise for their patience, availability and kindness."

Luca G.

"A 100% plus ultra feedback and a heartfelt thank you for making my dream come true!!! Thanks for everything!!!!"

Emily V.

"Serious, reliable, helpful, kind and super polite. Bombproof package and fantastic figures."

Patrick C.

"Thank you as always. Good and always available. The statue arrived perfect."

Alex M.

"Thank you very much for all the great service and communication, I too am now among the few to own one. Good job guys and thanks"

Daniel S.

"Crazy figures everything perfect, thank you very much!"

Stefano B.

"Super positive feed to ClubHouse Statues who got me this piece back, always available and fast shipping!"

Donato L.

"Thank you very much for letting me get not one.. but 2 resins in a single shipment and a single package, perfect packaging, pure statues"

Stefano S.

"Thank you very much for the availability, sympathy and seriousness shown to me"

Matteo N.

"Super seller, explains everything to the last detail, reliable person. I will definitely recommend him."

Romain E.

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